my story in five seconds (ok, maybe 10)
and now, my story in two minutes...
divided by two
On May 10th 1988 at 3 p.m my half Swiss half Egyptian heart started beating. Ever since it's been my compass guiding me through life (although the heart can be tricky at times!). 
 fancy suits
Woop, woop...Time to celebrate! 20 years later I completed my studies in Banking at Credit Suisse. You may wonder why banking? Well, I had a thing for international companies, a multi-lingual environment and those fancy suits (like the pin?). 
soul food
4 years, 3 banks, almost 10'000 customer inquiries (juggling numbers and explaining factsheets), but my heart wasn't satisfied. It was hungry and craving "soul food"...
 discovering van art
My desire to discover the creative industry led me to the premier international art show, Art Basel. After almost 2.5 years, 6 shows, 280 galleries, 3 continents over 4'000 artists and 2'000 cups of coffee, I had an epiphany during a design meeting with Tom Postma Design...
hello epiphany
"What would it be like to not only manage but actually do Design?". Decision taken: 720 hours, 4 portfolios, 4 entry examinaitons, 4 schools, a year of pure anxiety, sweaty hands and my heart testing my decision-making. Et voilà, there I was sitting in my first Product Design class. 
chaos into connecting dots
The life of a designer can sometimes be messy (blessing & curse at the same time!). That's why I'm currently connecting the dots of my life as a Designer & Project Manager at the leading Danish design brand Kvadrat. As I continue to forge my way within the ever-changing world of design, I'm simultaneously exploring Creative Research, Design Strategy, Digital DesignInnovationas well as Visual Storytelling and Art Direction.
The lovely dots of my life guide my way to different projects, people, and places.
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